Justine Serebrin is an intuitive artist: painter and tattooist. She is the founder of Earth Altar Studio, a magical tattoo, wellness and med spa, in Los Angeles where she focuses primarily on intuitive tattooing. Justine creates personalized, abstract symbols infused with crystal energy and high vibration intentions and based on a channeled reading with the use of her own hand-painted deck of cards, The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck. 


Her intuitive and mystic gifts began to surface in childhood and activated her Starseed memories. It is this connection to her star family that inspires her paintings and drawings through which she communicates and investigates this abstract yet universal language of humanity’s purpose and evolution.


She is currently working on a project called The Rainbow Activation Code, a multidimensional masterclass where you can learn how to radiate your kundalini energy so you can access DNA upgrades and master your superhuman powers. Visit www.rainbowactivationcode.com