Visual Artist + Creative Passion Activator + Intuitive Guide + Owner of Earth Altar Studio

Justine Serebrin is a transformative artist, intuitive guide and entrepreneur. She is the creator and owner of Earth Altar Studio, an upscale, down to earth tattoo studio and fine art gallery in Los Angeles, CA. With her award-winning oracle deck Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, she has made her intuitive artwork available for divine guidance anywhere you go. 


Through her creation of visual and tangible paintings, she brings in high vibrational energies from the ethereal into physical existence. Her work transforms and transmutes the energy of spaces into a more harmonious and balanced state. Beyond that, her paintings are portals for meditation, helping us to set intentions to support and amplify more of what we want to experience in our lives.


Justine is passionate about inspiring others and works closely with creatives who are ready to uncover and activate their creative passion into the world to benefit the highest good for all. To learn more about how to work with her click here. 

“I am working on a project which will allow me to help raise global awareness about the fragile state of our oceans through the visual impact of art.”

Growing up on the Southern California coast, Justine Serebrin spent countless hours snorkeling. From an early age, she sensed that the ocean was in trouble as she noticed debris, trash, and decaying marine life consuming the shore. She credits her childhood experiences with influencing her artistic imagination and giving her a feeling of connectedness and lifelong love of the ocean.


Serebrin’s close observations of underwater landscapes inform her paintings, which are based upon what she describes as the “deep power” of the ocean. She has traveled to the beaches of Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the western and eastern coasts of the United States. The variety of creatures, cleanliness, temperature, and emotion evoked from each location greatly influence her artwork. She creates the paintings above water but is exploring the possibility of painting underwater in the future. Her goal with this project is to promote ocean awareness and stewardship.


Serebrin is currently working on a water project which will enable her to increase the scope and impact of her work. Her paintings have been exhibited at the Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, Louisiana; the New Orleans Museum of Art, Louisiana; and the McNay Museum of Art, San Antonio, Texas. She is a member of the Ocean Artists Society and holds a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.


By: Alana Quinn  

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Justine's magical tattoo studio!

An upscale, down to earth creative studio.  Tattooing, Exhibitions, Workshops, Piercing, Laser Hair Removal - it's all about creation, healing, and loving every bit of yourself.


Bring your truest self to the surface. We tattoo, pierce, laser, and inject creativity into your powerful existence, allowing you to transform in any and every way.

The art of tattooing is our foundation, though we offer much more. We hope to help you express and enhance your physical and spiritual self. Let's connect and create a lasting relationship between you and our Artists. We'll make something beautiful together.

Earth Altar Studio

The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck is a brilliantly rendered and colorful 52 card deck with a 124-page guidebook. Winner of the Living Now Gold Medal award, this creation was birthed by acclaimed intuitive artist Justine Serebrin and national award-winning author and shaman Tracee Dunblazier.


Whether you're using it for meditation, reading, pleasure or profession, it's exactly the tool you need to embrace your own heart-opening spiritual transformation and activate your deepest soul knowledge. It's an inspiring solution for rising above the divergent forces all around us. This is the deck that grows with you!


Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck


Justine is proud to be opening back up her

all-inclusive mentorship program for artists who are ready to find, create and begin manifesting their passion projects as soon as possible!


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She is offering 1 to 4 year programs to access and actualize your creative soul's purpose and passion. Taking your dreams to the next level and making them reality is Justine's innate specialty! 

Rainbow Activation

Master Sessions