I'm Justine


 Intuitive Tattooer | Painter, Creativity Activator, Spiritual Guide, Oracle Card Deck Creator and Owner of Earth Altar Studio, a conscious tattoo studio and fine art gallery in Los Angeles. 

 Hi  You! 

Want the details?

My favorite way to make art is to create abstract paintings infused with intuitive symbols and high vibrational intentions.


I start by spray painting large sacred geometric symbols followed by free-for-all brushstrokes of watery acrylic. The thick strokes organically drip into textured shapes, forming the landscape for the complex details of water-based oil paint. Flowing between ornate brushstrokes and graffiti- inspired markings, I then render the focal point of the piece. With use of my rigger brush, I fixate on layering infinitesimal lines to lead the eye and mind down colorful rabbit holes.  


The detailed landscapes act as “entrances” allowing the viewer to be drawn into alternate realities. This invites one to step out of realism, inducing a phantasmal journey into a meditative state. 


What's happening now... 

 Right now, I am on Lockdown at my home making tons of art and getting some new creativity courses ready for you!

I'm Also hosting weekly live intuitive painting workshops for all ages and skill level. Join us and stay in the loop. Let's create and elevate together, See ya there!

"When I look at her art it is as though I am able to walk around her wild and winding brushstrokes leading to a never ending story of what could be. Stepping out of the mundane and into a multidimensional journey of colorful possibility" 


-  Taylor E.

What's My Title?

Back in the day..

My mom gave me a "How to" face painting kit which I became obsessed with! I think this is what triggered my entrepreneurial spirit as I started a face painting biz for kids parties at the age of 7. Who knew it would later lead to creating intuitive tattoos and a booming conscious tattoo studio making body art permanent?!

I grew up near the ocean in Los Angeles and my fondest memories are of the countless hours I spent swimming. I spent sooo much time pretending I was a mermaid and opening my eyes in the ocean that I developed something people call "Surfers Eye" and it's the real reason why my eyes are always red... not what most think when they first meet me! 

Bet You Didn't Know

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

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"Justine had such a grounding, sweet and wise energy. She is an incredible artist - I don't think anyone else could have conceptualized so quickly and intuitively what she drew on me. This was after a pretty illuminating and moving reading and meditation."       

- Bethany

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I'm always adding progress work and fun things to Instagram. See you there!

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