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Channeling Light Beings + Codes Through Art with Jessica Tumminello

Justine Serebrin interviews Jessica Tumminello about her powerful cosmic art. Jessica tells us about her sacred journey that have opened her up to the ability of channeling guides and beings through her creativity.


ABOUT JESSICA TUMMINELLO::: Jessica is an intuitive artist. She has been interested in and doing art since she was a child. Spirituality has also always sparked her interest and spiritual growth has been, and is, an important part of her journey. ​ She has also always been fascinated by those who can do animal communication and now find herself doing this as well, in a very different way! ​ Part of her path is to contribute in raising the Earth's vibration so that we can step into a new era of living as if we really are all one- sharing an unconditionally loving and creative community on this Earth, and with our benevolent galactic neighbors. ​ Her aim with my light code art, and personal activation sessions, to inspire, uplift, encourage and awaken the original blueprints we were born with, to offer strength, hope, and support on our path to ascension. ​ With her art, she tries to convey the essence of the spirit animal, and galactic beings, along with light codes which facilitate our being able to absorb these essences as they aid and guide us with wisdom and support.



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