Hello Intuitive Artist! 

Are you ready to claim, own, and honor your creative mastery!? 

Let's dive in together. You are not in this alone, read on to learn more about this new powerful community of intuitive artists. The world needs us, and there is no time to waste!

Intuitive Artists Mastery Membership



         - You are ready to own your innate intuitive and creative expression and share it in a                                          powerful way to make a bigger impact in the world while feeling more creatively expressed! 

        - You would like bite-sized creative content delivered to you weekly. 

        - You find yourself wanting to expand more as an intuitive artist

        - You desire a creative community of conscious artists to connect and collaborate with.

        - You tend to doubt your intuition and creative power and know you are meant for more!

        - You want to advance your intuitive painting/artmaking skills,

        - You enjoy meditations, activations, and exercises to enhance your intuitive creative practice.



        - The 6 week Oracle Card Creation Course delivered to your inbox monthly.      

        - Weekly releases of new courses and content which will assist you in your creative  practices               

        - Live open studio hours M-W 10 am - 1 pm PST to connect and create in real-time with me and                   other artists.

        - Exclusive FB group community to share your progress and get feedback on your current projects

        - Special offers on all my services not available to the public.

        - VIP Live Invitations to watch and participate in featured interviews with creative intuitive experts,                 first before anyone else, and since you get the invitation to be front row and live. It's like having                     private teachers in your pocket to ask anything you want! :)


Here are the guidelines for how to use these sacred creation hours. 

  • Live open studio hours M-W 10 am - 1 pm PST 

  • This is a safe and sacred space for allowing your creative soul to be recognized, adored, cherished, loved, honored, and recognized as the true Creative Master you already are! 

  • Each participant is here to share on a soul level while holding positive, loving, open space for all to thrive within.


Here is where we will meet and connect and collaborate and share with each other! 

This is your safe creative community to share your thoughts, ideas, fears, blocks, in-progress artworks, collaborative ideas, and projects, get feedback, and present your finished projects to celebrate with us all! I encourage you to share video messages to the group, showing us what you are working on, and use this group for creative support. Everything is welcome as we are here for each other to grow and thrive as artists.


I am so excited to see what you create! :) Join us today by completing the form below. 

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