Activation Sessions 

Reiki Infused Intuitive Activation Sessions + Readings


"In addition to the abundance of self-healing, you can experience with the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck, let me guide you through the healing practices of Reiki and Spiritual Readings. As a certified Reiki practitioner, I offer Reiki infused, divine source guided specialized readings." - Divine Lovelight Justine 


Justine offers sacred spiritual readings in-person and digitally. She works with her magically manifested Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck to dive deep into your shared connection and unpack the energy within you.


If you need to transform, heal or expand - Justine is the perfect guide to connect with. Rainbow Activation Reading + Crystal Intention Activation In Person or Virtual reading, discussion and crystal activation (leave with an energized crystal)!


20 minutes ($97)

60 minutes ($250)


Personal Sacred Symbol Creation Ceremony

With the energy explored in your reading, Justine creates a sacred symbol that will be drawn or painted for you to keep. (Takes place after Rainbow Activation Reading + Crystal Intention Activation)


An Additional $195

Intuitive Tattoo Rituals

A safe, sacred space for tattoo ceremony and ritual. Intentional, intuitive, abstract symbolic designs created to move energy and evoke healing and transformation. Ink and crystals used for tattooing are infused with moon energy and your own powerful intentions. Your design is divinely guided, channeled and co-created with your higher self, conscious intent, and collaboration. Each session is guided by a personalized intuitive card reading by Justine.


$250 Flat Fee + $300 Hourly Rate For Tattooing


What's Included in the full Sacred Intuitive Tattoo Ritual:
- Sage, Loose Leaf Tea and a Consultation
- Crystal Intention Activation (Choose your Crystal)
- Rainbow Activation Reading
- Personal Sacred Symbol Creation Ceremony
- Tattoo Transmission and your transformation.

Custom Activated Paintings

Original Activated Artwork

You may browse and purchase Justine's sacred, activated and intuitively created artwork or book a consultation with her to create a custom activated painting just for you. These pieces are powerful and infuse any space, altar or new home with the highest vibrational energy possible to enhance your intentions and accelerate your ascension process. 




The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck

52 Cards | Full Guidebook


The Rainbow Warrior Activation deck is an inspiring solution for rising above the divergent forces all around us. Whether you're using it for meditation—reading for pleasure or profession, it’s exactly the tool you need to embrace your own heart-opening spiritual unification and activate your deepest soul knowledge. This is the deck that grows with you; you and your clients will love it! I've worked years infusing my passion and energy into these intuitively designed cards and am so excited to finally release this project with my collaborator Tracee Dunblazier. The Deck is now available at Earth Altar Studio or



A 12 Month 1:1 Training For

Visionary Artists + Starseed Creatives