Justine Serebrin's

6 Week Intensive Course Begins Saturday, May 9, 2020

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What's Included

6 Week Intensive Course 


Session Cycle - May 9, 2020 - June 20, 2020

  • Recorded sessions will be sent out for you to rewatch again and again on your own time.

  •  1 online, live in-person, recorded 1-hour session each week. Every Tuesday at 11 am

  • Step by step guided exercises to complete after each session

  • Unlimited email support throughout your creation journey

  • Custom Oracle Meditations for each session

  • All of Justine's secrets to creating and channeling a powerful deck from words to images and everything in between

  • You will complete a full oracle card deck which you can use personally and professionally if you choose

  •  Completion Ceremony + Collective Activation on June 20, 2020

Could I really make my own deck? 

Why it's so important to create your own deck: 

  • Creating your own deck is crucial to owning your mastery as an awakened being!

  • Other attributes that can result from this powerful creation process are:

  • Enhanced intuition, actualized innate wisdom, activated deep transformation within you.

  • It alleviates confusion and self-doubt, focuses, and calibrates your mind, body, and spirit into total alignment with your highest self, and can allow you to deliberately create/manifest what you desire with ease and joy.

Why now? 


  • It is 2020 and the world is changing rapidly, everyone needs you to align with your highest self, own your power and mastery, and to help them find theirs!

  • We came to Earth to be part of this movement and it begins with us, now! 

  • In this course, I will guide you step by step in creating the most sacred deck for you to use personally and professionally. 

  • There are no rules just guidelines that were channeled through me and now to you. 

  • You are a sovereign being and I trust that you are here, reading this because you have an intuitive calling to be an influential participant of this New Earth Reality. 

  •  We need you and I believe that after this course you will have a stunning deck of cards to help guide yourself and others through the next phases of our New Earth transitions. Pony up, let's do this! 

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"Justine had such a grounding, sweet and wise energy. She is an incredible artist - I don't think anyone else could have conceptualized so quickly and intuitively what she drew on me. This was after a pretty illuminating and moving reading and meditation."       

- Bethany

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