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Are you a Starseed?

What is the big deal about Kundalini energy?

Merkaba Travel, Astral Projection, Dreams: what is really going on?

Rainbow light body? Do I have one and why would I need to access this?

Orgasmic Manifestation!

Are Superhuman powers real? Yes! Learn how to get them!

Foods + detoxes that activate your third eye and multidimensional thinking

Angels, ET's, light codes/light rays, ascension...

and so much more will be discussed!

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Take your transformation further with the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck. I have spent years intuitively developing this radiant spiritual card deck. In collaboration with Tracee Dunblazier, I have brought this creation to life alongside a 124 page guide book. I cannot wait for you to experience this art and expand with your personal spiritual readings, or those with your clients!