The Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck

The Rainbow Warrior Activation deck is an inspiring solution for rising above the divergent forces all around us.


Whether you're using it for meditation—reading for pleasure or profession, it’s exactly the tool you need to embrace your own heart-opening spiritual unification and activate your deepest soul knowledge.


This is the deck that grows with you; you and your clients will love it!


I've worked for years infusing my passion and energy into these intuitively designed cards and am so excited to finally release this project with my collaborator Tracee Dunblazier. The Deck is now available at 


52 Cards | Full Guidebook



"WOW! I love this deck! Definitely one of my favorites!!!
It’s not only beautiful art work but it feels so right when using the deck.
This deck is great for mediation and getting grounded by tapping into your highest spiritual self through intuition and intention.
Love this deck!! Highly recommended it!!!!"

- Julia M.

"This is one of the most stunning and activating Oracle Decks I have ever used. My experience with it is that it has a deep feminine energy. It is compassionate and kind while providing a depth of knowledge about the unseen. I am soooo in love with this deck!!!!!"

- Christina

"I love the artwork! It feels like these cards “speak” to you. I’m able to feel into these cards more than most decks. Highly recommend.!"

- V.F.