The Sacred Sea is Justine Serebrin's most recent collection.

"A transcendent journey through color, life, joy, and the waters of this beautiful earth."



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Justine creates personalized, abstract paintings infused with sacred geometry and high vibration intentions. With her work, she hopes to heal and elevate environmental consciousness through working with organizations like, Mission Blue to make a tangible difference in the world.


In her new collection of portal paintings, she melds spray painted sacred geometric symbols with loose watery brushstrokes dripping into thick textured shapes of water-based oil paint. The detailed landscapes and portal “entrances” draw the viewer deeply into alternate realities, causing a disconnection with what one “knows” to be real, and what one truly “desires” to be real. Entering and exiting each painting can evoke moments of consciousness expansion, subconscious past-life memory activation, and even astral projection if you’re not careful!


Justine plays with her intuitive and mystic gifts which began to surface in early childhood as a point of connection to the multiverse, wormholes, cosmic time travel, ancient spirituality, and shamanism. All of which inspires her paintings and drawings through which she communicates and investigates this abstract yet universal language of humanity’s purpose and evolution.


She is currently working on her next solo exhibition - The Sacred Sea. The beginning, the first of many, a new collection of portal paintings and a global water activation project, which will allow her to help raise awareness about the fragile state of our oceans. By traveling to various bodies of water around the world, comparing the condition of each underwater landscape, and creating underwater paintings inspired by the deep power of our oceans. This exhibition and gala, The Sacred Sea will be her first solo show with a collection of 10 large-scale paintings accompanied by tattoos, from our talented fine art tattooers from Earth Altar Studio, professional body piercings by our resident piercer, free drinks and a digital art auction to raise money to create hope spots, marine protected sanctuaries in the ocean via, Join November 30th! We're so excited to connect with the Los Angeles collective and activate change together. All processes from this exhibition will be donated to Mission Blue.